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Flower Schedule

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We deliver between 1pm - 4pm.  If you order your blooms before 11am, we will provide same-day delivery. Orders placed after 11am will be next-day delivery. Twig & Bloom serves the Saskatoon area.

Shop Intro

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Each and every Twig & Bloom arrangement is crafted with care and intention. Inspiration is all around us: it's in the books we read, the music we listen to, and the places and people we love most. We are constantly inspired by our surrounding, and regularly update our website with new blooms.

We accept major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay, and deliver within Saskatoon city limits. Orders placed before 11:00am will be delivered same day. Orders placed after 11:00am will be delivered between 1:00pm and 4:00pm the following day. 

All orders are subject to a delivery fee. 

Workshops Intro

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Twig & Bloom Workshop Video

We believe in community. Twig & Bloom would not be where it is today without the steady stream of love and support we’ve received over the years. Being part of a community that has always believed in our vision is what has allowed us to realize our lifelong dream of using flowers to help people create beautiful moments and memories.

We designed our floral workshops to pay that feeling forward, giving thanks to the community that has given us so much by empowering others to realize their dreams, too.

With us, you’ll learn about more than the fundamentals of floral design; our workshops are unique opportunities to learn, create, express, and grow. Surrounded by likeminded individuals, you’ll walk away with new skills, confidence and inspiration.

We invite you to discover the transformative power of flowers as you tap into your creative potential. Our workshops are suited to all ages and all levels of experience; everyone is welcome.

Like our arrangements, Twig & Bloom workshops change with the seasons. Please contact us for private bookings and other class enquiries or requests. 

Upcoming Workshops


Subscriptions Intro

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 Say it with flowers.

Flowers communicate joy, love, and warmth without ever saying a word. Adding fresh flowers to a space instantly makes it feel more inviting and complete. 

We offer weekly and monthly floral subscriptions that add a loving, living touch to any room. For yourself, your workplace, or someone else - flowers are for everyone. 

All floral subscriptions feature our signature, seasonal Twig & Bloom arrangements and come with complimentary delivery.

Wedding Blocks

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Wedding Floral Form

We look forward to hearing about your wedding vision. Filling out this form below is the first step in getting to know each other.

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